per Joe Rey autographed glossy print, frameable memororbilia. 


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    "Confidence is not about being always right, rather always knowing what to do when things go wrong.

    "Those who say it cannot be done shall not interrupt the one's who are doing it." Modernized Chinese Proverb by Joe Rey

    Personalized Gratitude:
    "I have seen farther than many other men, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants." -- Isaac Newton 

    "ACTION", "CUT" & "That's A Wrap!"


    - Board of Directors as POPOLOGIST®
                - The POPOLOGIST® 
                    - Joe Rey -director, writer, production designer and
                    - Christopher Ciccone -In the Pop Culture Eye as
                      director, fashion designer, artist development and
                      brother to the Queen of POP.
                    - Carol Holsinger -award winning creative director and
                    - Stuart Levy -illusionist, producer and content
                    - Cline Mayo - Director, Producer and Mom
                        - Avryle Levine, Warner Brothers and William Orbit
                    - Sequoia Emmanuellè -photographer and director 
                    - Charles Wittenmeier -award winning music video &
                      commercial director / cinematographer 
                    - POPOLOGISTS to be targeted (please add) JR List
                        - Bob Giraldi
                            - Represented Joe Rey as Commercial & Music
                              Video Director 1999-2001
                                - Ricky Martin
                                - Future Shop (Canada)
                                - StateFarm Insurance
                                - Dr.Pepper
                                - Lowes Home Improvement
                                - Phillip Morris (Youth Smoking Prevention
                        - Joseph Kahn
                            - Backstreet Boys, Courtney Love, LeAnn Rhimes
                        - Ridley Scott
                            - Production Designed for RSA 1996-2000
                        - Jake Scott
                            - Production Designed for Blackdog / RSA
                        - Martin Scorsessi
                            - Age Of Innocence
                        - Jonathan Demme
                            - Philadelphia
                        - Terry Gilliam
                            - Twelve Monkeys
                        - Hype Williams
                            - Busta', Boyz II Men, Brandy, Mary J., etc.
                        - Marcus Nispel
                            - Spice Girls, Bryan Adams, PM Dawn, Simply
                              Red, Fidelity Investments, Chase Manhattan,
                        - Mike Myers
                            - Austin Powers 2 Cinema Trailer
                        - Fatima Robinson (choreographer to the Music
                            - Backstreet Boys, Mr.Vegas, Master P, Dr. Dre'
                        - Travis Payne (Choreographer to Michael Jackson
                          and many others.)
                            - Friend

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