POPOLOGY® is media literacy & self expression, happiness in formula.

(science of your personal "popular")


POPOLOGIST® (a science & spiritually minded, creative professional, seeking to improve the human condition, a whole freak'n lot)


POPOLOGICAL(obvious choice)


POPOLOGICALLY (best of any choice, or journey)

POPOLOGIZE(to make more happy as logic)

POPtastic (the ultimate, and age appropriate)


POPuluscious (better than candy treats)


POPlectual (almost a POPOLOGIST® yet won’t accept it.)

POParazzi (self evident photographer)


POPortioned (unimaginably sized)


POPtimism (looking forward to POPOLOGY® launch)


POPeyes (to stare freakishly.)


POPgnosis (entrancement 

of popular)


POPOLOGY® Coin (Tokenized Celebrity Trading Cards on the blockchain)


POPtoken™ (in app token)


POPpages (The Book Of POP)


POPrietary (important)


POPmercial™ (in app brand promo as gamified content)


POPcast™ (curation of A.I. media and broadcast revenue streams)

POPsphere™ (in app interface)

WOWZER BROWSER (POPsphere slang)

POPtistics (personal data & analytics)


POPstatus (value to your data network)

POProyalty (Coin) Rewards Coin


POPmessiah™️(messenger of your personal popular)


POPconscious (Joy Lifestyle)

POPtech (of interest)


POPking (Michael Jackson or Ultimate Interest)


POPqueen (MADONNA or Submit)


POPnight (Good Time)


POPjection (Look into the future)


POPcentric  (Thinking of only your self)


POPmersive (Thinking of others)


POPdrop (Say something shocking)


POPcycle (a Child Passenger on Motor Cycle)


POPstop (All Aware)


POPnoddery (wont affect me)


POPnotion (what can I do?)


POPquation (Answer)


POPclub (father present)


POPthink (advanced thinking)


POPthank (gratitude)


POPme (Look at Me)


POPspank (wish you could)


POPshe (She Looks She?)


POPhe (He Looks He?)


POPsay ( What? )


POPtank  (brainstorm)


POPliteracy (Pay attention)


POPtistics (Lots Of Data)


POPslider (App Feature Set)


POPrider (any child achieving early transport)


POPlinguistics (accuracy in word choices)


POPjoy (What We All Want)


POPtronix (80’s BoomBox with an onboard Projector) 


POPtonics (a clueless bartender)


popONOMIC (economics of pop)


POPCoin (exists too @ POPULAR COIN™)

POPmag (social media fan page portal)

POPrag (POPOLOGY®  Magazine)

POPgive (export to needy nations)

POPfeed (export to needy nations)

POPseed (export to needy nations)

POPseeds (export to needy nations)

POPseedz (export to needy cities)

POPnickel (licensing term) 

POPdeeds (good social action)

POPpleased (content for now)

Global Inner Peace

(The Goal)

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